October 22, 2008

Crash-n-Sewl's Spook-A-Rama Starts . . . NOW!

First,the PRIZES! The exciting, amazing PRIZES!

Then the RULES! The dull, constricting RULES!

LOOK at all these AWESOME prizes.

Click on the photos to link directly to these talented-women-websites.

Plush Moments Photography: Shelle over at Blokthoughts is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. You could be the lucky winner of 1 family photo session-1 hour, which includes a DVD or CD and all rights to your photos, plus 20 edits of Shelle's shots.

Seriously, So Blessed: TAMNERS will give you 60 seconds in her e-store to load your cart with anything you want. Just say BOO when you go to check out and Tamn will pay for one of your t-shirts, (plus a pedi and a Diet Coke). Just kidding, no pedi. Or Diet Coke.

Art-n-Sewl: Emily, the great, Emily the cewl, will donate a beautiful fresh custom 16X20 original painting. Check out her Etsy. Sooooo fresh.

See My Designs by Shauna: YOU too could win a nip and a tuck. Heck, Shauna says she'll give you a whole blog-make over if you win.

Audrey Eclectic: Audrey is Eclectic AND authentic. You could win a group of beautiful note cards that have prints on them of her artwork. (Don't send them, just frame them) Go inhale Audrey Eclectic's vibe RIGHT NOW! She did a family portrait for my Anniversary present. LOVE HER!!!!

A Fanciful Twist: Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist is fanciful AND whimsical. If you want to escape reality for awhile, go to her enchanting blog. She's giving 3 surprise canvas prints from her shop. Go breath in her vibe RIGHT NOW! (after you breath in Audrey's vibe.

Stupid Vampire T-Shirts: Lovely, but lonely Annie Valentine is trying to earn money to go see her super-hot secret agent husband so she made these stupid vampire t-shirts. (Not calling the shirts stupid, just saying.) Go check out her site for all the hilarious designs.

And finally, Katie Holmes is throwing some gas-cash into the pot. $50, folks. (You'd think she could give more because she's so rich, being married to Tom Cruise and all, but whatever.)

The 2008 First Annual Crash-n-Sewl Spook-a-Rama Hair Raising Ghost Story Contest Rules, Regulations and Guidelines:

Drumroll please . . .

1. You may enter as many stories as you want in 2 categories:

Category A: Fiction and real funny
Category B: Non-Fiction and real real (as in spooky, real)

(Photos are a completely acceptable accessory).

In other words your story can be either real or not-real. If it's not-real it has to make us laugh. If it's real it has scare the bajeepers out of us.

2. If you enter more than once, you must promise not to neglect your duties to serving God, your country and 3 square meals a day.

3. Contest will begin right when you wake up on Thursday, October 23rd.

4. Contest will end right when you go to bed on Wednesday, October 29th.

5. October 30th will be spent deliberating with Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.

5. The top three not-real but real-funny stories will be posted @ Crash Test Dummy Diaries on Halloween Day and, because we love American Idol as much as the Brits, the voting polls will be open to the public, that's YOU, until All-Hallows Evening (Oct 31st--not to be confused with All-Hallows Eve, which is October 30th) at Midnight. Late entries will be docked 10% per day until the winner is announced.

6. The top three real and real-real, stories will be posted @ Art-n-Sewl on Halloween Day and, because we love American Idol . . . yada yada yada . . . see above.

7. Prizes/Winners will be announced on November 1st on both blogs. Prizes will be distributed after Christmas, (just in case I can recycle some gifts) Calm down, I was kidding! You'll get your prizes before Christmas. Sheesh!

8. If you are under the age of 45 and you are afraid of giant snails, you must have a notarized parental permission slip in order to participate. If you're parents are deceased, thus preventing you from gaining the proper notarized signatures, you will not be eligible to participate.

9. Number 8 does not apply to anyone living in the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii or North Korea.

10. There is a word limit! YES! I said word limit. Don't moan and groan about it either because really good writers are concise and succinct and get to the point quickly and at once and without any further delay or redundancy. The word limit number is 500! I promise you can do it if you're willing to kill-your-darlings. (You won't get that unless you went to creative writing school). If you go over the word limit, please send us a lock of your hair so we can create a voodoo doll and make your body do silly tricks.

11. There are some requirements:

1.a) You must send your entry to crashnsewl@gmail.com post dated before the All-Hallows Eve-Eve deadline.

1.b) You may (notice I said may and not must) post your story on your own blog if you're an attention addict or you seek after fame and fortune and everything that goes with it (except the bad exciting stuff). But make sure you drop your link in either Crash or Sewl's comment box so we can all read it.
1.c) Besides sending an email, you must also drop a comment in either Crash or Sewl's comment box (extra-credit if you do both) In your comment you must make 3 things clear: a.) When your story is posted on your blog so we can link up and read it. b.) Which prize you prefer c.) Which blog you like better.

1.d) Can we scratch number 2? Or at least amend it? Please don't tell us which blog you like better. It will just make Crash feel bad about herself. But do tell us when your post is published so we can all link up and read it and then you can get lots and lots of hits. And do you really think we're going to let you pick your own prize? (But it doesn't hurt to try.)

We will wave the $50 entry fee for the first 500 entries, so bust a move! :)

Okay. Let us Review for those of you who like lists, but not long, entertaining lists.

  • Two Categories: Fiction and funny or non-fiction and spooky--photos are AWESOME!
  • More than one entry per person is only acceptable if you continue to feed your children or pets
  • Contest will run from Oct 23-29th (midnight)
  • Email entries to crashnsewl@gmail.com
  • Leave a comment on either Crash or Sewl's blog with the link to your ghost-post. If you're shy and don't want to publish the post, just leave a compliment in both of our boxes so we can play favorites with your entry.

Prizes will be given for the top 3 entries in each category, (and plus a few special surprise awards too).
TIPS from CRASH: A reach-in-and-grab-you-by-the-throat title, opening line and closing line are shoe-in's for a prize (unless the rest is totally dumb).

TIPS from SEWL: Yea, what she said.

To post this button on your own blog or website, copy, then follow HTML code and paste it into your site:

<a href="http://artnsewl.blogspot.com/"><img src="http://i474.photobucket.com/albums/rr102/Benjamonous/HeadstoneButton2.jpg" /></a>

And one final thing. I would like to give a special shout out to my bro. He made the posters and buttons for me ( even when he had exams to take ) because I suck in that arena.
Thanks Ben!!!!!!
Love ya dude!
Oh and ladies...he is single and the coolest dude ever. If you want to declare your undying love for him instead of sharing a story, that is perfectly acceptable too.

Now get to writing people!!!


Alyson | New England Living said...

Awesome! Now when do we get to hear your story, Emily?

Emily Anne Leyland said...

HAHAHA I know. I have been working so hard on getting this ready that I haven't typed it up. K-let me put my baby to bed and I'll get right on it ;)

Ginger said...

Em, this sounds like so much fun and you did a fantastic job setting it up (you and Ben). The prizes sound amazing too, to bad I don't have any stories worthwhile. I'm going to try and get up the nerve to read some of them when they are posted. But you know me I'm a scardy-cat.
Can't wait to see who wins.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ben did such a good job! Hey, folks, HE'S MY COUSIN TOO!

Andrea said...

Hey - Here is my entry:


Andrea said...

I forgot to insert parts B and C into the comment:

B: Should I win anything I am particulary interested in artwork from Art-n-Sewl's shop.

C: Now come on, do you really think I should pick favorites? I Like Crash's site for the creative funnies yet I like Art's site for the artistic insight. Fair and square your even..

Nutty Hamster Chick said...

Emily is this where I am suppose to leave a comment about my entry?

Hey everyone I entered the contest so check it out at


This was great because it gave me something to do on my friday night.

Can't wait to read the other entries.

Emily said...

I'm entering a story.. I"ve emailed it but am not posting it. Check your spam folder for an email from my hotmail account. thanks!