November 01, 2008

A Haunted Halloween

How was your Halloween night? Ours started out like this sweet pumpkin and ended up like this one. Just a big hot mess.

It started off so fun. My cuties were getting ready and excited. My oldest was loving his race car driver costume. He strutted around the house with a new swagger. Do you blame him? Check out how cute he is.

Then my little red headed wonder was all cozy and warm in this bat girl suit. Even she strutted around, she knew she was A-DOR-A-BLE.

My beautiful witch was ready to cackle and fly around the neighborhood collecting candy.

She used magical powers to make people give her handfuls of candy. Witchy poo ended up with almost double the haul than that of her older brother!?!
That went down well!

In our trick or treating travels we came across the cutest rodeo clown. Oh my gosh, don't you just wanna take him home? I asked, but his Mom said no.

Right after meeting up with this cute little guy, Annabelle, my red headed wonder, face planted into a luminary, scraping her face and burning her nose. We had no idea how bad it was till we got home in the light. OK- well it isn't that bad but we didn't know she had hurt herself at all so we just carried on with the older kids until they started moaning and crying that it was soooo cold.

We cracked the whip and told them to keep going until they got enough candy for us...I mean them. That was the start of the meltdown. We walked home with a screaming baby in her stroller, a crying witch and a whining race car driver. A pretty normal Halloween I guess.

The polls will stay open until Nov 2nd at midnight, so keep voting and keep reading the wonderfully scary stories. The list of finalists are in the next post down, along with the links to their stories.

How was your Halloween?

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Tasha said...

Ohhh.. my poor little Annie. :(

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Sooooo cute, your kids!

And love the pumpkin photos!!!!

You are getting more votes than me!!!! Does that mean you're more popular?

OldBoatGuy said...

Great costumes!!

Heather said...

Poor little one! Hope she's doing ok. Mine doesnt yet realize that those things she collected can be eaten, she just likes to sort them. Bwahahaha....

Emily Anne Leyland said...

Thanks guys!! Actually her nose is waaaay worse today. Go figure.

Crash- look how many followers and comments you always know you are way more popular. :)

Alyson | New England Living said...

Your kids are so adorable! The poor little redhead, though. We had a good Halloween, but also sort of a hot mess as well. :-)

I was bummed when you guys extended the polls.

Emily Anne Leyland said...

Thanks Alyson,
We thought it would give people who are having a busy weekend time to get on.
What happened with you guys?

Ginger said...

Oh, how cute are they! Nice costumes kids.