January 05, 2009

Winters Bleak Beauty

I love the dark days of winter.

Everything seems so cold, dead and repugnant.

If you look closely though, there is so much beauty in the

gray, dim, raw, gloomy landscape.

Every tree is stripped, exposed, naked. I wonder if it feels vulnerable?

I hope not, because the beauty of the undressed tree is one of my favorite images. So complex and interesting.

I guess I see a lesson here. Sometimes in the bleakest and darkest days we can still find beauty if we look for it.



Kristina P. said...

I never would have thought of these as beautiful, but through your eyes, they are!

Chris said...

wow, all those photos are so cool, but that last one is unbelievably beautiful!

Heather said...

spooky and romantic too!~

Ann's ART said...

I just hearted you on etsy. Fun artwork. I love the blue bird on the red and orange background.

Alyson | New England Living said...

I love this post because I love winter too! Beautiful photos, Emily.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh my goodness. We must be cousins. I AM TOTALLY obsessed with naked trees. I love bleak trees. You took the words right out of my mouth. And you took the photos right out of my camera. I can't tell you how many stark naked tree photos I have!

verifier: flingusi

What a strange word.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks for sending the email about your blog! I am excited to keep in touch with you again. Your winter pictures are beautiful, not everyone can find beauty in the middle of winter.
Hope all is well in NC. I will send you the link to my blog via email.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Those pictures are beautiful Emily! Seriously love them! Congrats on the Bloggernacle :)

rummage family said...

You know how much I love this post from you! My favorite thus far! I love your perspective on things, beautifully said! Thanks for the inspiration!