April 27, 2009


So first of all I need to say a HUGE thank you to all of you for your awesome suggestions for my lovely cupboard. I could not decide on which plan to go with. It took me forever and I still went back and forth on what to do, what would be best, but ultimately I decided upon a email entry. (She sent me pics and everything) detailing what I should do. So KARA... you won sweetie pie!! Send me your address and a lovely wool cupcake will be on it's way.
This is what she said to do:

"With respect to your amazingly sexy cupboard, I wouldn't paint it quite yet (yet being the operative word). How about adding a little fabric on the bottom drawers to make them pop. Perhaps a black & white print? Way cute piece though...I myself would vacillate for ages trying to decide what to do with it. Can't wait to see what you come up with! "

The reason she won is because she knew deep down I couldn't paint it yet, but adding to it is just what I was looking for but couldn't figure out on my own.

Thanks Kara!!!

Some other good news. I have my first sponsor on my blog. If you are looking for some great jewelry, charms or beads then go here. Their prices are amazing and the selection is truly remarkable.

2 other sponsors are about to make their debut too. Exciting stuff I tell ya!! If you are interested in advertising then email me for rates. Leylands (at)gmail.com

In other news. I have been LOVING the awesome weather here in the Carolina's. My youngest was down for a nap and I was able to lay outside with my older 2 and really listen to the run downs of their day, giggle and read some books and magazines for hours.

The wind was blowing warm air while birds chirped in the trees. The woods were cracking and popping as the trees bent with each gust of wind. It's ones of those days that you want to imprint on your brain.

In this picture Connor was hugging and holding his ear against the tree as it moved in the wind. He said it was like the tree was talking to him.

Many things are growing around here. Not just the bonds in our family.
The kids and I planted our seeds weeks ago and they are ready to go in our first garden. Wish us luck...me and plants don't mix but we'll see if I can keep something alive long enough for the kids to taste something they grew themselves.

There is something SO satisfying about planting a seed and watching it grow.

The flowers that are popping up everywhere are quite amazing too.

Remember when I told you I had the best Mother in law? Well I do, and look at the cute gift I received in the mail last week. My English Country Living magazine (which is like crack to me :)
And this awesome tote made out of recycled water bottles. Designed by Cath Kidston.
( LOVE her)

And does anything in this picture look familiar to any of you?????
Copy cats :) J/K

Thanks to all of you who comment and support my crazy thoughts and ideas on my little blog here. Each day the readership grows and Art-n-Sewl is visited from far off places. It is exciting to see my little blog grow and I am thankful to have this creative outlet to share with you.
Thanks y'all !!

xxx Muah xxx



Kristina P. said...

Beautiful pictures! And that idea for the drawers is awesome.

* said...

can't get over the design and beauty of your blog. And the Blake quote...so lovely it takes my breath away. While I don't quite feel that way about arts & crafts, I definitely do about writing. I might have to make it "Cool quote #104" on my blog, if you don't mind. ;) Just lmk.

Emily Anne Leyland said...

Thank you ladies!
Terresa, I think anything that you create whether it be with your hands or with your mind like writing, that quote applies to it. Take it for sure!! Thanks for the lovely comments about my blog and for being my newest follower :)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

That is a good idea for your drawers! How cool that someone took it so seriously.

I'm so glad your blog is growing. It's such a beautiful blog. Congrats on the sponsors.

And congrats on all the warmth moving your way!!!!

Salty Gal said...

We are super behind on the nice weather, I love seeing all these beautiful spring photos

ps, thanks for stopping by :)

Heather said...

awww...such sweet things! I wish i had a sweet english mother in law who sent me sweet english things!

Alyson | New England Living said...

I'm still dying of envy over your MIL! Some girls have all the luck!

It's beem mighty warm here too, like in the 90s which is bizarre. We barely ever hit the 90s in summer! Have you guys been that hot?

Yay for sponsors! You go girl! Love ya! xx

Emily Anne Leyland said...

Thanks all you wonderful women!! I am a very lucky girl to have the coolest MIL ever!!! :)

I'll see if she's wanting to adopt some more daughters...hehehehe