April 20, 2009

I need your help!!!

Let's say this beauty of a cupboard was yours OK...

Well too bad because it's mine ;) but I need your help.

It came from an old department store in Philly, PA and I can't figure out what to do with it.

Do I leave it as it was crafted many years ago to keep the integrity of it?

Or do I make it over? These pictures are old and it is busting at the seams with all of my craft supplies now.


Do I leave it black and brown, or do I paint it ? I go back and forth daily, so I really need your help.

Paint it...yay or nay? What color should I make it?


Do I leave it in my craft room upstairs where no one ever sees it but me, or should I put it in my foyer or dining room?

Decisions, decisions.

Thanks for your help.

I'll send a cupcake pincushion to the persons idea I like best.

You are the most creative, crafty, cool, artistic, articulate bunch of girls, you know...the best!!!

xx Em xx


Kristina P. said...

I would probably repaint it all black. But I suck at this kind of thing, so don't listen to me. Unless I don't suck, and that's an amazing idea.

Anjeny said...

I know, you should give it to me...ahahah. That's a really beautiful piece you got there.

I'm thinking you should make(paint) it antique-ish look and put it in the foyer to put some of your sentimental pieces on.

Erica said...

i think it looks ah-mazing just as is. it's so gorgeous with all of your craft stuff-- i can't imagine changing a thing!! lovely find :)

Rosie said...

I love it the way it is maybe just retouch it. Also even though it's in you craft room spice it up little with a few nice peices that way when you look at it you really enjoy it!

Mac said...

Nice piece of furniture as it is. But if you keep thinking about redoing it, then I think you are probably not going to be satisfied until you do. You could rub the whole thing down and paint it creamy white and then rub over it again to give it a kind of oldy look. But then again it depends what your downstairs furniture looks like.
Anyway, hope that sounds like I know what I'm talking about. Actually don't have a clue - just want a pin cushion ;o)

Kritta22 said...

My mom just did this crackle paint on one of her dressers and it looks amazing! It makes it look like the paint is cracking...so cool.

It comes in different colors....I would leave it that black color and crackle it with a green or deep red. Then take those rails off for a different look.

Kritta22 said...

And I say leave it in your craft room cuz what else is going to hold all your stuff like that??

Emily Anne Leyland said...

Alright!!! I am loving all these suggestions so far. Thank you all sooo much. It is quite an awesome piece. I was lucky to find it.

Heather said...

paint it girl. Paint it.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I love those cupcake pin cushions! It reminds me of our Halloween spook-a-rama. Those were the good old days. ;)

It looks very useful in your craft room. But it would be beautiful in your living dining room. Maybe paint it blue, not navy, but you know . . . that other blue.

And then distress it.

You should ask Melanie. She would know exactly what to do. Too bad she doesn't blog.

Ginger said...

Em, I would say paint it. I would not paint it black, white, or brown. I LOVE color so I'm thinking of red, green, or blue. Make a statement out of it, it is a beautiful peice of furniture.

Darci said...

It is beautiful. If you kept the base original but added deeper shelves that could hold baskets and more of your crafting supplies, it may be more functional. I think an antique white look or a soft color would be nice. I say leave it in your crafting room so you can enjoy it while working your magic.

The Haley Family said...

what a dilema!! I love the way it is now, so antique-y looking and aged with love. It holds your stuff nicely and displays your fabrics really cool! I have a piece of Grandma Boyle's that has the same look of the worn paint and I love it.

What a find. On the other hand...I love what you have done with your other pieces in the red and blue!

Anonymous said...

That's a tough decision isn't it...because part of you wants to keep it in it's original form because it came from an old store...so, it's a piece of "history." (Is an appraisal necessary?...maybe it's worth more than you think) Hello Antique Roadshow. If not...
The indecision you have about it is your answer.
Sometimes we CAN improve on something by letting go. If it were a family heirloom, I'd say keep it as is. But this is not your history. I say paint it and make it your own! In fact, I bet you'd be able to appreciate the intricate sections if it were painted a color that reflects more light. (that brownish color seems so heavy) I think if it were bright and colorful you'd feel uplifted by the change, and wouldn't mind as much that you altered the "integrity."
Paint it a funky creative color(s)...especially if you keep it in your studio and everytime you look at it...it will make you smile and spark creativity. You could even do some amazing design work on those bottom door panels.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you a color. I'm thinking a funky red, white and black! You could add a backboard to it too (HomeDepot can help cut it to size)...painted cork? painted pegboard with hooks?... Combination of the above with a chalkboard paint section for notes? ... and then you'd have even more useful storage.

JPfromtheBC said...

i think you should dry brush a pewter color over top of the black and then use it to display you dinnerware... to great of a piece to hide away. love it!

Alyson | New England Living said...

Oh my gosh...I'd be the same as you! I can see it being better either way. Very perplexing. But it is a very cool find! I need to go antiquing with you!

Journal Swag said...

Oh my gosh! What a gorgeous piece. I would paint it. It is a beautiful piece so it deserves to be the show off of the room. Since your walls are white, I would definitely paint it a color. Preferably your favorite color. It would look great in bright color and it would pop against the white background. Domino (RIP) has shown this look, and other favorite
mags have been showing that look. Anthropologie has ideas like this too. What about a bright lavender or pink?

Where to put it? If your art is the center of your life, put it in your main living area for sure. If you would freak if you were arting/sewing in all of your glory and someone dropped in and you were embarrassed, then put it where it can't be seen from the entrance to your home. That way you will feel and work freer.

Just my 2 cents! Can't wait to see what you decide!

Sheila of Halo Hill

* said...

Is it too late to comment? I'd paint it red or green for sure.

Of course, it's a lovely piece just as it is, but it's shape and size just begs for a face-lift.

I definitely distressing -- maybe 2 layers of paint in different colors and sanding it in different places to show the other color underneath. Or something.

mary.liz said...

Too late but leave it like it is. Leave it where it is. Now just fancy up the room. It's beautiful as is and in that room.

Save the time, money and energy and buy something else to go near it, or above it, or by it. What about a cool chair or some pretty crystal mobile or chandelier to hang from the ceiling??