August 21, 2009

Feature Friday

Hey Everyone! I recently found the cutest lady with an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G blog!! I want you to meet Becca from Blue Cricket Design.
Give her a warm welcome and go check out her wicked awesome blog. You will get lost looking through all her amazing posts. She featured me on her blog and I am featuring her. I love this blog swap idea so much that I am going to do it here on Art-n-Sewl too.
Email me if you want to be featured at:

Now let's meet the lady of the hour...well day ;-)

Hey soon to be new friends!!! I'm Becca! The sassy pants creator behind Blue Cricket Design!

Thanks for rolling out the red carpet and allowing me to invade this totally adorable blog!!!! Emily is sooo my kind of girl!!! She had me at"LETTERS! LETTERS!!"

(my fav project of her's that yes I am going to have to do myself!!!)

So here's the run down on Me, Myself and I....

I most often answer to "Mom!" Three little girls will do that to ya! I also answer to "Babe" and "Hey You!" They seem to do the trick as well! My family is a pretty cool group of endless inspiration! I'm living the dream!

I'm a lucky stay at home cook, maid, decorator, therapist, ref and mom! To keep from going crazy I CREATE!!! I'm forever knee deep in a project! You should see my to do list!! Anything that reminds me that I am more then just a mom with spit up on my shirt

brings a smile to my face!

I'd love for you to come and see what my mind comes up with as I lay awake each night! My blog is where my projects come to life! It's my collection of sewing how to's , kids projects, recipes, photoshop tutorials, Holiday fun, decorating and more!

Here are a few of my favorite resent projects...

Revampt Adult skirt

I turned an Adult skirt into this adorable dress!

Junk food sushi !!

and my latest creation:

Shopping Car Caddy!!

(Be sure to enter to win my latest GIVEAWAY!!! I am giving away TWO of my Shopping Cart Caddy's!!! You know you want one!!! )

So consider yourself invited!!!!! Jump on over and come join in on the fun over at Blue Cricket Design!!! Trust me!!! It's more fun then giving yourself a home perm and the results are way more socially acceptable!!!!!!! See ya soon!!!!

See- isn't she inspiring, sassy, and darn right creative? Thanks for the bloggy swappy fun Becca!

Now hurry and go enter her giveaway.

xo Emily xo


Apes said...

I love Becca's blog, and now I'm gonna love yours too! Love this blog swap idea and all the cool blogs I get introduced to! I'm definitely adding yours to my "following" list!

Emily Anne Leyland said... are my 100th follower!!! That is special ;-) Thank you!!

Katherine said...

I just became a follower and I'm also in SC! :) I love your felted pin cushions-- they are so bright and cheerful!

Anonymous said...

Yah! A very cool blog to visit now. Becca has a great blog and I'm thrilled you were on it today. I have to say though I love the felted cupcake pin cushions - maybe because I'm a Wilton cake decorator instructor and they are so cute. Thanks for offering a giveway.

Heather said...

very cute :)

* said...

Love that turn on the adult skirt into a girl's dress. I have 2 young girls who that would work for perfectly. I love stopping by your blog for inspiration. Works every time.

Becca said...

I would love me a little cup cake love!!!! I sew and need a little sweet notion looking back at me while I create!

Kate said...

i have the saddest pin's a clear cheery our yours? i am a total follower, i love new blogs!!!

Lisa B. said...

What a very pretty blog you have!! I'm a new follower, and can't wait to catch up on all your great peaches and cream..yum!! I LOVE cupcakes as well and LOVE your felted pin cute! Right now, my collection of pins are in a bag :)

Lisa B.

Jaime said...

Oh I hope I'm not to late for this cute cupcake giveaway!! I love it so much, I have had the same ugly tomato pin cushion since I was 16. I want to win this so bad, and might also want to look into some of your art work! I need some bad and I love your stuff,very my style.