August 06, 2009

Good for the "Sewl"

Turn your speakers on and get ready to boogie!!!!!

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This is Abba. I get happy just looking at their 70's goodness.
Look at those jumpsuits!
You know, there is nothing that does it more for me than puffed sleeves on a man. :-)

Abba was a phenomenon for those of you that have no idea who they are. Their music is AWESOME and inspired the Broadway musical Mamma Mia.

I saw the movie first and fell in love with the upbeat music and acting.
I recently had the opportunity to see the off Broadway show here in Charlotte.
If you need to feel uplifted and have a good time, take some girlfriends and go see this movie or musical if it comes to your town.

Just sit and listen to the fun Abba music on my playlist and get away for a brief moment.
I hope it brightens your "sewl" today.

xo Emily xo


Kristina P. said...

I haven't seen the movie or the musical, but I do like the music!

Emily Anne Leyland said...

Well I order you to go rent the movie... K ;)

Southern Gal said...

Thanks for the trip back to high school! I listened to them all. I actually have their Greatest Hits LP in a box in my closet. I dig it out every once in a while so I can play it and dance around the house.

I haven't seen the movie or the musical, but would love to. Charlotte isn't that far away.

Alyson | New England Living said...

I haven't seen the movie either, but in college I bought their best of cd and just loved it!

Emily Anne Leyland said...

Well Southern Gal and Alyson, y'all need to see it!! It is so fun.

Darci said...

It is great music! I love the idea of a girls night out to see the musical.

rummage family said...

YEAH!!!! I've been jamming to the music ALL day!!!! I had sooo much fun that night! We have to see it again next time it comes to Charlotte!!!!

Simpson Family said...

We had a FABULOUS night. Look at US... girlfriends already! LOVE IT!