September 28, 2009

Fall in the country and LOVE in my heart...

The US Country Living has a great issue this month. Here are a few of my favorite pics.

I just want to move to wherever this enchanting place is.


I would be a happy woman if I could sit here and read. Isn't this just beautiful?

Awww Fall... I love thee, but not as much as my darling husband. (Close though ;-)

We had our 12th wedding anniversary yesterday.
How has the time gone so fast and who knew you could love someone more than the day you got married? Meeting him in England all those years ago is one of the greatest gifts that God has given me.

I LOVE this man and he does complete me!

xo Emily xo


Alyson | New England Living said...

Happy anniversary!! I just love when we grow even more in love with our men over the years.

Those were some great shots, both of some amazing fall decor and of the beautiful couple! :)

Emily Anne Leyland said...

Thanks Aly!! It is special to grow more and more in love. ;-)

Kristina P. said...

Happy anniversary! Your family is beautiful.

* said...

Happy anniversary! {Our 13th wedding anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks. It's a beautiful time of year to tie the knot.}

Love all the picts. Your family is so beautiful!

Unknown said...

You're Too Nice.

I Love You too my sweetheart.

Ale said...

Hello Emily!!! Your blog it´s very cute. I´m very happy for find it!

Are you a Latter Saint Day? I´m!!! and if you´re I´m very happy for this!!

Excuseme for my bad english, but I´m learn now...hehehe!!

Many hugs for you from Guatemala!


Heather said...

awwww, arent you guys precious??? happy anniversary! and ohhh, i NEED that magazine...I just love the sparse country look...not that i could ever pull it off ;)

Lisa B. said...

Happy anniversary!! This was such a sweet post! You have a beautiful family, and you two look like the perfect couple!! You are very blessed :)

Darci said...

You two are blessed to have each other! Happy Anniversary. The fall pictures are beautiful, as are the ones of you and the family.

JAG said...

You guys get better with age!! You both look amazing. Congrats, we too just celebrated our 12th!!