September 21, 2009

Get creative with autumn leaves

Celebrate autumn with creative ideas for leaves

September 22 is officially the first day of autumn, so celebrate the changing of the seasons with creative ideas for fallen leaves.

<span class=spray painted leaves

Spray-paint a leaf with metallic paint and use as a gift tag, or simply as a decoration, for a special present.

leaves as place name holderAll in place

Lay contrasting colors for leaves as place settings on the dinner table. Use stamps with metallic ink to add your guests' names. Alternatively, write names with metallic ink.

leaf clipped to curtainIn the window

Enjoy the ephemeral beauty of the turning leaves' color change by clipping them where you can see them: using your curtain holder to position them at the edge of the curtain.

leaves on cardsGolden greetings

If you like to make your own cards, glue an autumn leaf to textured paper or contrasting card on the front of your card template for a natural touch.

autumn leaves wreathNeat wreath

Attach brightly colored leaves of the same size and shape to a twig wreath base. Alternate colors for a bright finish.

gilded leaf wreathGilded ring

Spray-paint leaves with metallic paint and attach to a hoop of wire. Add a flower if you wish.

framed leavesFramed foliage

For a quick and easy autumn decoration idea, simply arrange leaves in wooden frames.

leaf lampshadeSkeleton leaves

The delicate tracery of veins and ribs is really attractive.

Large, sturdy leaves work best for this. Clean the leaves, then press them between heavy books, such as phone books or catalogues. Leave for several weeks.

Wearing rubber gloves, mix water and washing soda in a bowl. Add the leaves, and leave until the flesh of the leaves turns loose and pulpy. Remove the leaves, and rinse carefully in cold water.

Use a toothbrush or paintbrush to gently brush away the pulp, until only the veins remain. Blot dry with a paper towel.

You can use the delicate skeleton leaves in all kinds of ways, such as on a lampshade or the ideas above...

This comes from Country living in England I thought I would share. Such great ideas!!
I am so happy my favorite season is upon us. I have lots of Halloween crafts and ideas coming up soon.

Have a wonderful start of your week!

xo Emily xo


Kristina P. said...

Great ideas! I love fall.

* said...

The wreath is so pretty, and the framed leaves as well. Welcome, fall.

Joanne said...

Emily, your talent just oozes as I see you projects displayed. Nice work young lady. I am going to suggest your blog to our Enrichment leader. I love the Fall, too. Beautiful colors and crisp air. I'm looking forward to your Halloween projects.

Lisa B. said...

I love all these ideas - thanks!! I never thought of spray painting leaves my mind is spinning with ideas :) Thanks!!

Fall is my favorite season as well!

Lisa B.