September 14, 2009


Those of you who have read this blog for awhile know I found great joy in planting and harvesting my very first garden this year.

We had a few more straggler tomatoes and the time came to pull my carrots up. I guess I make mutant carrots because they were all weird. This one actually freaks me out. It looks like fat legs trying to run away.

I made a delicious soup out of the carrots and little red onions. The inspiration came from a soup I used to have in England all the time...carrot and coriander or cilantro for you Americans.
Not only was it so easy but extremely delicious and don't forget healthy.

First off I washed and cut up the carrots and onions and sprinkled olive oil, salt and pepper over them.

I roasted them on 400* for about an hour and look how they turn out.

Rip off a large bunch of cilantro and rough chop it.
Put the carrots and half of the cilantro in a blender or food processor and add a can of evaporated milk, a cup or so of chicken stock and regular milk until you get the consistency you want. More salt and pepper to taste and let it run till smooth.
Add the remaining cilantro after heating the soup to serve.

I made some quick biscuits to go with it and added green onions from my garden and some Parmesan and dried herbs to the mix.
This was just using the Bisquick mix.

Yummo to my tummo!

It was such and easy and family friendly dinner.

Have I got some exciting posts coming up for y'all. I just got back from Charleston S.C. and wow is that city amazing!! Great photos to share, plus I have some other fun projects to share too.

I'm hungry now.

xo Emily xo

Oh... and one little random tip. While I cook lately, I love to light a candle and keep it near where I am working. It makes me feel special and fancy.
Go figure ;-)


Kristina P. said...

At least the carrots tasted good!

JennyMac said...

I despise carrots but I would absolutely try this!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Darci said...

That looks so good! Recipes using garden fresh ingredients always hits the spot.

Lisa B. said...

This sounds like a yummy dinner!! I love to light a little candle when I cook as well. It makes cooking a little more joyful :)

Lisa B.

* said...

That soup looks good. Love the candlelight, too.