November 23, 2009

Winners and wonderful...

Alrighty folks, the giveaway has ended and the winners have been picked.

Drum roll please.......

The winner of the headband is Terresa who said:

"Love the "picnic behind the waterfall" hair band. It is gorgeous. And the tshirt art is lovely, too! What creative genes run in your fam!"


The winner of the custom shirt is Jenna who said:

"I LOVE the headbands! I would definitely wear them. And the shirts are adorable! My girls would look too cute in some of the creations.

The family talent runs DEEP! Dang! LOL"

Congrats girls!! Email me your info and I will forward it to my cousins.

I just wanted to share some images from a photo shoot I did this weekend because they turned out sooooo wonderful!
(In my humble opinion)

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving week everyone.

xoxo Emily xoxo


Anjeny said...

Congratz to the winners..bummed I didn't win any of that wonderful prizes but oh well. Love the pics.

Now you can enter my's going to run til Sunday..your little girl is going to love my little princess prizes I added on my give-away.

Aight, thanks for always sharing such creative talents.

Emily Anne Leyland said...

I'm sorry! I wish everyone could have won. I entered your giveaway though ;-) I want to win!!

Unknown said...

Hi Emily! I just fond your blog through another persons blog list. Great photos! I've enjoyed looking through your posts. Come and visit my blog, Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts, at I'm having a giveaway...follow along and leave a comment to enter!
Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

The Haley Family said...

Yeah for the winners! Can't wait to make Jenna's shirt!

rummage family said...

Well, somebody didn't clue me in on the giveaway! BUMMER! I LOOOVE the pictures, you are awesome, I knew you would capture just what we wanted! Love ya girl!

Martina said...

Lovely pix - kids are such great models!

Heather said...

these are so lovely! fantastic job, the colors are gorgeous~

* said...

Yahoo! I won something!

PS: Great picts, every single one!

Deedra said...

Em - those pics are unREAL!! WTG sister girl!!

I'll resend you my address via FB :)

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