January 06, 2010

Ghosts of Christmas past...

So Christmas was just 13 days ago and it seems like it was months ago. For me this holiday whizzed by and now is just a beautiful memory. My in-laws made it after going to hell and back with delays and lost luggage but they were here for Christmas and that was all that mattered.

Here are some of the deposits I made in my memory bank...

My little Annabelle forever primping herself or the trees.

Enjoying my house, the warmth and coziness after the crazy dash to get it "done"
(even though I still have curtains to put up).

The abundance and blessings of the many things we have, especially here in the US.

Shopping, shopping and more shopping.

Making our gingerbread house masterpiece that would fall apart minutes after finishing it.

Being with family and the joy it brings.

Enjoying my new dining room and the delicious food we ate there.

Being in the outdoors and cuddling this little lady on a cold walk.

Long walks and watching the bonding with Grandma.

My new boots....LOVE THEM!!!

Canoe rides until the sun went down.

Dress up dress up and more dress up.

Just being with my kids.
Realizing that as each year passes, they grow up a little more, and this time is precious.
For now they are still excited to listen as Grandad reads our traditional "The Night Before Christmas" before they are tucked into bed on Christmas Eve, but that won't always be the case.
(check out my red head trying to make us laugh LOL)

Hoping you and yours had the most amazing memories this year too.

xo Emily xo


Kristina P. said...

Emily, your house is gorgeous!

Deedra said...

It's all so beautiful, Em. You really have the Midas touch! You're so special, and I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful time. Your family's beautiful!


JAG said...

What great memories. Very true we do live in abundance. Thanks for the ever needed reminder.

Loved all the pics especially the ones outdoors. Soooo beautiful.

Happy New Year.

Emily Anne Leyland said...

Thank you my sweet friends. Seriously- thanks for taking the time and commenting and supporting me. Love y'all!!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I'm so jealous of your house and decor and your beautiful photography! You look so great in that B&W photo also!

Alyson | New England Living said...

What a wonderful holiday! And you've made such a warm and inviting home for your family. Love it!

The Haley Family said...

watch out, I am going to steal your house and bring it to Nebraska! Awesome pictures and forever wonderful memories!

Lisa B. said...

What a sweet post!!

Your house is beautiful!! I LOVE your dining room - just gorgeous!!!!


Darci said...

Your new home is gorgeous, but it was bound to be with you taking it over! Your Christmas table is magazine worthy - so beautiful. It looks like you had great times with the family. I wish I could have made it to Ben's wedding.

Goji said...


Heather said...

your home looks so gorgeous! What a pretty house you put together :) and gosh...the kids are getting so big! Once a paint kiddos, I feel like I know them. Especially the littlest girl--- she's growing up!

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The Crash Test Dummy said...

Ooh, I always love coming here and partaking of the spirit of this special place. Thanks. Love all the photos. Your new house is so pretty.

I am so glad Ben's wedding went so well. Isn't it exciting that he has begun the journey. I wish I could have been there too. I would love to hear all about it. Was Mary able to go.

I need to get your address so I can send you a Christmas/Valentines card.

I thought of you today because I got to meet the old boat guy. He was as delightful in person as he is in print.

He spoke of you.


Ginger said...

Em, the wedding looked wonderfull. You and Mary both looked great and yes I loved the purple heels.
Your house looks amazing, it looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

mary.liz said...

So beautiful! What a fun new place to have Christmas and every other holiday in year after year!

Glad you are all settled. Now come help me do my house! :)

McVal said...

What a gorgeous house and family! Ours was good, but too rushed with too much company and too many dogs. Some year, we've got to simplify...