January 22, 2010

Thoroughly Besotted...

For those of you who are unaware, I moved to England from the US when I was 14. It was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. My love of the English people and traditions are deeply cemented in my heart. 17 years ago England was still a slower paced, simpler land. Each day we would go and get our fresh produce, cheese and milk to bring back to our tiny little fridge and home. A huge change from the overwhelmingly big fridges and big everything in the United States, but that was better. It was simple and smart. You took more of the world in on the walks to the High street and took time to think, instead of rush around. It was like that in many aspects of living there. There was so much family and social time as everything shut there at 5:30 pm-everything!! It has now changed and gotten a lot more Americanized with late night hours in shops and fast food chains popping up. Of course it still retains it's classic British nature but it has changed a bit since 1993.

I made such good friends and learned so much about the world outside of America. My outlooks and ideas were broadened. My life has been enriched forever by the 10 years I lived there and marrying an Englishman has only continued my love affair with all things British.

I am sure that any of my readers that have been with me for awhile, will have seen that I am thoroughly in love with an English designer named Cath Kidston. Her English, vintage, country style just really speaks to me, and evokes the beautiful feelings I had whilst I lived in England.

There is talk of a store opening here in the USA but until then, I can just dream of the day when I can buy these dishes. One by one I will collect them, and I know they will look beautiful in my green dining room. Don't you?

My beautiful mother and sister in-law gave me these books for Christmas. My heart jumped when I saw them.


It even included the fabric and tag to make this bag.

Look at this adorable bag with classic scenes of London on it!! Adorable. And it is made out of oil cloth because she is so smart like that.


To all of my English friends and loved ones who read this...(Yes, I can see who visits my blog ;-)
I love you and the time we shared together. You have forever imprinted joy on my heart.
And to all of my other readers- you guys are the best. My readership grows every day and the places from across this earth that you come from daily, just blows me away.
India, Brazil, China, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, France, Portugal, Denmark and so on.

Muah and thanks for coming to hear my ramblings.

xo Emily xo


Unknown said...

I miss that too! The walking the high-street and having our milk delivered everyday.
I often wish life here was more like that too!
Much more simple eh?

Emily Anne Leyland said...

Much more simple! What a treasure we both had eh? I wish I was rich enough to live in both places half of the year ;-)

Tara Sharp said...

And we love you too Emily xx
Jen & I loved our Sundays with The Boyles - top family xx

Deedra said...

It sounds positively lovely, Em!! I know that I enjoyed how much smaller everything was when I was in Europe last year. Bigger definitely isn't always better!!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Absolutely beautiful with a twist of simplistic. I've read here awhile but didn't know that designer. I'm horrible.

But how fun.

I always did wish I could live in England for just a bit... if only to pick up the country's charm and rich history! :)

Heather said...

Ah, how I would love to go to England some day. With my husband, I enherited an obscure English last name and with a first name like Heather...well, I now feel very english ;)
Those books look SO amazing! And those dishes! Sigh! I'm pretty sure her store wont be opening in Oklahoma ;)....Heck, I'd settle for an Anthropologie at this point ;)

shalynn said...

kara's cousin here. i'm obsessed with cath kidson too! i splurged on some of her fabric for my first quilt and only want more and more of it!

Deedra said...

Oh and btw...I had a dream that I came to visit you. It was a surprise visit. Like...wow...a surprise visit from me!? Aren't YOU lucky! haha! Like it's some great thing, or something! There go my delusions of grandeur! But anyway...we had SO. MUCH. FUN!!!! Wish I really COULD visit with you. WOuldn't that be great? Imagine all the crafting we could do?

Darci said...

England sounds like a wonderful place. The traditions and love of the country is so refreshing and fun to hear about. But, we did miss you when you moved over there.

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Julie said...

I just love your blog. I think I have literally spent the last hour reading all of the posts on your first page! Everything is beautiful, I love your thrifty finds (it's so much better when you know you found a great deal) & yet your dining room belongs in a magazine. Wow...I am delighted to follow you now. Hope you have a great week. : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily, i am "sew" glad you have become such a stylist. I absolutely love your Blog and try to tune in and get inspired often.
Love ya, say hi to your mom and dad for me, how are they?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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