March 11, 2010


"Failure is only a temporary change in direction to set you straight for your next success.
Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."

It happened. I am defeated.

I had a week full of engagements and sick kids and though I tried... I was defeated by the challenge this week. I tried- I REALLY did. I have repainted a canvas 4 bloody times now and have gotten so frustrated and "blocked" artistically, that I am going to put up my white flag of surrender. Under pressure I fail. A good lesson to be learned, again.

So- with no picture that is new this week, I am going to post one of my first paintings and possibly one of my favorites just for some eye candy.

The Sweetheart Tree.

Start linking up because I know y'all have created some amazing things this week. I will continue to try and salvage the painting I started. If I have success, I will get it up on here.

xo Emily xo


The Haley Family said...

I LOVE that painting!!! So sorry you had a hard week, those are so hard to get through!!! I'm working on my post now, it should be up in a bit. Sorry it is the "same stuff" every week.

Kristina P. said...

This is one of my favorites of yours.

Martina said...

Emily, this painting looks so good! It's a great idea to let the newspaper shine through, and the theme is so nice. It would make a lovely card too.
Actually, i almost failed to paint sth. as well, and, failure is part of the game ... The muse is not always there - maybe she's got kids too ;)
Thanks for starting this!

andrea creates said...

I hear ya' no worries. This painting is new to me, and lovely!
I had a few things I already posted about this week, and had a new one that just didn't get done in time so it's a WIP post ;)
Hope you're all feeling better!
Take care,

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean, when the pressure is one you are forced to pick priorities, and in my case I always choose Family over Art. But that painting is so amazing I'm glad you had to show it to us. Its really amazing.

Deedra said...

Sometimes it's good for the soul to admit defeat! I do it all the time ;) At any rate, this is a beautiful piece. So much depth and texture. I just love it!

And now, I will get to finishing my submission for the week!


Heather said...

Im so sorry to hear you've had a rough week and feeling blocked. I know how that goes! Resting your mind is the best medicine. It will come back! It always does...

and very cute sweetheart tree!~

Julie said...

This is beautiful! I love trees like tis beauty! Don't worry..I have weeks like that all the time, just feeling totally blocked, and then the next week it's gone! I hope your babes feels better too! : ) xxx

LBBlum said...

Oh I am so glad to hear you had a break down too-- I though- "gee I am such a lOSER!! I only made it to week 5... before stumbling... I always start challenges .. and never stick with them!"

so - we are both human.

I'll post too.. hopefully by tomorrow.. I bought bigger canvas's ... and they scare me. I thought i was ready to advance up in size... but.. all that WHITE staring at me...

it's just an excuse.

Anonymous said...
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Lisa B. said...

See it as a break to refresh yourself! You deserve one!! I love your sweetheart tree, very cute!!

Deedra said...

I've got something for you...check out my blog!

OldBoatGuy said...

Your opening quote, about failure......I believe in that. We learn nothing without failure.

So, I should be pretty darn smart. Hee Hee