April 15, 2010


Sorry about the late start today.
Busy busy day.

I made a small little painting that I am really in love with. I love the shapes, the colors and the whole mood of it.

I wanted to use some of my old pages again in my artwork and I'm glad I did.
I need to make a mate for this little painting and sell them together. Hung in frames together would be quite nice I think.

I will list this later on today on Etsy if anyone is interested.
Start linking up-as always I am very excited to see what y'all have created.

xo Emily xo


Martina said...

Hi Emily, what a cute picture you've made -so bright and cheerful, it really looks like you had fun! The funny thing is, i did sth. with vintage-paper as well, come and have a look!

Deedra said...

Beautiful, Em! I love the colours!! It's so happy!

andrea creates said...

What happy pretty colors in your painting .
I really appreciate these weekly get togethers :)
It helps motivate me to get more done!

Alex said...

I really like how you used the paper underneath. Very wonderful as usual!

Anonymous said...

I love the vibe the colors give out too!

The Haley Family said...

Beautiful as always! You're finally going to get something in the mail! :)

Martina said...

Emily, concerning the swap: Some of my pix are really big - that's the thing about showing them in the internet - they all look the same size.
I'll measure the smaller canvases and tell you over the weekend. The painting you love with the flowers belongs to my sis, but i could do a similar one for you ;)

Salty Gal said...

You are so talented!

Lisa B. said...

This painting makes me happy :) I LOVE your use of old pages!!