May 06, 2010


Good morning everyone!

To those of you who are lurking and thinking about joining the challenge, come join us. It is so worthwhile to have this challenge each week and push yourself towards a goal.

I know I mentioned before that I gave the bride something special for her shower but let me explain first.

Her wedding theme is "The Perfect Pair" with pears being used in the invitations and decorations at the wedding. We did a lot of shots using the pears for that reason.

While I was shooting this shot above, the bride needed a break and lip gloss retouch. I saw the pears where they were perched and there was something so stunning about them on their own.

I snapped this picture below and couldn't have imagined it would turn out as well as it did. This is my art for this week
I framed it and gave it to her at the shower. Without knowing why she started crying. It touched me and so I started crying. Blubbering fools we were! She told me that she had spent hours looking for a photo with two pears like this, to always remind her of her this precious time in her life. It was all very touching as you can imagine. The photo is one that I adore and plan to frame and put in my dining room.

I am also going to list some of my photograph prints for sale on my Etsy.
Check back later today if you are interested.

Now start linking up my darling friends who are joining me in this challenge.


xo Emily xo


andrea creates said...

I might be a little late posting today-it's been a busy week-

I think the pear photo is really great! Pears are one of my favorite fruits too-very nice-and such a great gift for the bride :)

Martina said...

And you rock dear Emily, really, i just love your energy and your recourcefulness along with your artistic eye, considering your a mum as well - so great!
The picture with the pears is really special. Somehow, vintage wood as a background works so well, and here, especially since it's white.
Have a lovely day - and don't worry, we'll get our swap done, i'm just a lot under pressure with the magazine right now and need to get things siutabale for sending done - wil let you know soon. xxM.

The Haley Family said...

Holy smokes, that is just gorgeous Emily! How perfect and personal! I would have cried too!!! You are amazing and I don't know how you get it all done! The photography is just awesome and makes me want to keep learning!!! Well done, cuz!

Ginger said...

Em, I love to see what you come up with each week. You always AMAZE me.
Can't wait to see what you do with the Boohag sign.

Alex said...

That's such a cute theme. I really like the photo! So pretty next to the cracking paint.

Alyson | New England Living said...

I love that photo! The texture and color of it is just fantastic! You are one talented chickity!

Darci said...

So beautiful, simple and classic. I'll look for the perfect nature shot for my home in your etsy shop.

rummage family said...

UMMM.....yeah, I cried too! This bride is my sister, Em did the best job on all the photos that you could ever imagine! I wish I could still fit in my dress, so that she could capture me the way she did my sister, that lucky brat! Em, you are amazing and I loooove your talent and work!

Jennifer McLean said...

Hi Emily,
Please come over to my blog * and pick up your award. :o)

PS. loved the pear story, just lovely! You're so talented.

Deedra said...

You're so amazing, Em! Love you!