May 13, 2010


Has everyone had a whirlwind week? The days fly by and I can't believe how quickly this week has come and nearly gone.

I had a rare privilege.

Let me explain. I moved to England when I was 13. It was the biggest blessing for so many reasons. One thing I never got to participate in was a prom.
I always regretted not having that experience but I guess traveling all over Europe and the United Kingdom makes up for that

My friend and I were asked to assist a girl from my church in her prom preparations. She was going for a vintage 1940's look. Her style is unique and brave.
I LOVE that.

She needed something for her hair that had that 40's feel and asked me to come up with something. I accepted the challenge with a little anxiety but came out victorious.

This is what I made for my art this week.

Obviously the flower is sitting on her shoe. I used silk organza fabric and kind of just went with it until I figured it looked good, then I used a vintage grey pearl in the center that I had gotten at an antique store. I looked for the netting to make a birdcage veil, but in the time frame I had, I could not find any. So instead, I used a regular netting to hang down in her eyes, as you will see in the pictures.

None of this would have been possible without my sweet friend TiNeill. She was amazing with the make up and hair.

Just in the nick of time it all came together. It was so lovely getting her ready and seeing the transformation.

I mean seriously, can she look any cuter?!?!?!

I feel like I got to experience a small taste of what a prom would have been like, but I wouldn't have traded my path for anything. Thank you Charme for trusting us to make you look like a movie star!!!

xo Emily xo


The Haley Family said...

Holy Smokes, WOMAN! Gorgeous! I love her bravery and beauty! Your picures are amazing!!! You have the PREMIUM picnik, right??? Gotta get that! LOVE it all!

Alyson | New England Living said...

That is so my style! I love, love, love it! Yet another talent - you are a stylist now too! :) I want a flower for my hair!

andrea creates said...

That is so beautiful! I love that era and the color combo is one of my faves!
That's so cool- I went to Europe ("permanently")at 13 too-France that is. Never had a prom or any of those things either so I know how you feel ;)
Take care and "see" you next week :)

rummage family said...

Yes, Emily sells them for $80! I tell ya, Charme looked amazing! I mean ,for real...what CAN'T you do??? It was fun, thanks chicka for getting me involved!!!!!!!!!

Alex said...

Beautiful flower! What an awesome style and color combo. I love it!

Anjeny said...

She looks gorgeous, you two did a great job. I am however blown away by the dress, wherever did she get it? Last year when my daughter and I were looking for prom dresses, we couldn't find any modest dress at all. I really love that dress, totally my kind of dress. are truly a genius!!

Jennifer McLean said...

I didn't do prom either, I'm so glad you had this experience with this young woman. And what a wonderful rose that is! Stunning. She looks amazing and it wouldn't have been nearly as perfect a look without your beautiful present to her. Well done, girl!

Martina said...

Hi Emily, am late for the challenge, but didn't forget ;) Time flew indeed - much to quickly for me, so much going on at the moment.
Your flower is BEAUTIFUL and somehow it fits with what i'm working on at the moment. The girl looked soooo pretty - the queen of the prom!

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I LOVE that! So beautiful... and she's freakin gorgeous.

I never looked that pretty in high school.

Andrea said...