May 20, 2010


I am going to do something extraordinary- I am going to admit I couldn't quite do it all this week. I had family in town and I have a cold and kids with colds. Ughhhh- you guys know...

So because I couldn't get anything done this week I will re-post something from exactly one year ago. It seems like I posted this years and years ago, one year ago seems unreal.
For those of you who have seen these paintings before, sorry for the repetition, and for those of you who haven't, enjoy!

MAY 2009

I feel so happy!
A year ago I felt extremely happy as a mother raising my children, but the little niggling voice that kept saying that I needed more "me" time was now yelling loudly in my brain.

I listened and began to pursue my desires as an artist and I feel so fulfilled. Taking a blank white canvas and turning it into a picture, something of beauty, something that makes me and the recipient smile, feels out of this world.

Having a customer come back for another piece of my art was one of the best feelings I have had yet in this journey. A sweet lady in Mexico, New York has not one, but two of my pieces now. The beautiful poppies above, she bought from me last November.

She loved this painting that I did as a present for a friend, and she asked that I make her a bigger one, just like it.

So here it is. Birds of a feather... part deux.

I am so grateful for the abilities God blessed me with.
Did I mention I felt happy?

xoxo Emily xoxo


Martina said...

Hi Emily, such lovely pix - glad you posted them again, they lift my spirit! Bit of a stressful time at the moment - will be back next thursday from my trip to rome and might not be able to post next week - let's see. Have a great time and keep painting ;)

andrea creates said...

Aw, no worries~I've felt that way for weeks. In fact this next couple of weeks will be creatively slow for me as things get real busy here...
Love your paintings-even if they're from last year, they're still lovely ;)

Hope you all get better soon :)
Take care~
Andrea :)

The Haley Family said...

Gorgeous! I LOVE poppies and actually have some ready to bloom in my flower beds right now! I'm STILL trying to get it all done before I post! :) One more skirt to finish then...I will do the blog.

Just wanted to make sure you knew I didn't forget!

Rae said...

The poppies are my favorite!! I need them in my dining room, but I would like the poppies to be orange, Thank you! xoxo Rachel

Lisa B. said...

You should feel happy! You are a very talented artist, and I truly LOVE all your work!!

Tara@JustDevineStyle said...

WOW! You are so gifted. I am not able to draw a stick figure let alone beautiful pieces like these.

Hilary said...

You SHOULD be happy. I really like the stuff on your blog... so cute.

Heather said...

So glad you're on your path of happiness and fulfillment :) that's what its all about--- just baby steps too! No one can get it all done all the time :) feel better!~