May 27, 2010


This week I am featuring a project I did in the ART of organizing, and it is an art! One I am not very good at. Hey- I'm trying though, right?

I decided to quickly make a family calendar chalkboard in my garage and though I had plans on having one inside, this works perfectly for our family. We get in and out of the car in the garage multiple times a day. There is no way we can miss a very important date now.

This took me no more than a half an hour to complete.

You will need:

~painters tape
~chalkboard paint
~a sponge roller

Mark out the area you would like to paint in.
Press the edges firmly to prevent seeping through.

Roll on the paint evenly and then repeat again for a total of 2 coats for durability.

When it is dry then mark out your desired days, projects etc.

(yes- I had a court date for a speeding ticket *blush*)

I got carried away and wanted to do another area that the kids could use and where the chalk dust wouldn't blow around the inside of the house.

Right below the other chalkboard I repeated the process and voila!

I painted directly onto the dry wall and it has been working brilliantly. The neighborhood kids love to come and draw and use it now too.
Win-win for me and the kids!

I had a little shelf laying around that I used as the chalk holder and put the chalk in some old jars. I always save jars-to my husbands chagrin but I always have a use...eventually ;-)

Can't wait to see what you other creative minds have been up to this week.
My kids are done with school for the year today...EEEEEK!!!
Let the summer begin!!!!!

xo Emily xo


The Haley Family said...

I LOVE chalkboard paint! Nearly an entire wall in my boys room is a chalkboard!!!! Great idea, dear!!!

Deedra said...

Fantastic, Em!! Looks beautiful! But then could make anything beautiful!

Alyson | New England Living said...

Chalkboards are the best! You did an awesome job!

Anjeny said...

This is absolutely awesome and very creative. I love it, u did a marvelous job, as always.

I've finally got up the nerve to join in on this week's challenge. Hope it meets the requirement.. :)

andrea creates said...

Great idea.I've always wanted to try chalkboard paint.
I save a lot of jars too~love to use them to store things in the art room :)

Martina said...

Great idea to put a memo board in the garage! Always wanted to try chalkboard paint myself, such fun for the kids.

Lisa B. said...

I LOVE this idea!! Thanks for sharing!
Happy Memorial Day!