July 01, 2010


- I can't keep up with my own life lately, let alone this blog. I am so sorry that I missed last weeks challenge. See, I was busy watching 5 beautiful girls while my sister welcomed another little girl from heaven to this earth. That's me holding little Audrey above.

I took plenty of pictures and would like to share them this week as my "art".

She is as beautiful and precious as newborn babies come. Spending time being "mommy" to all my nieces this last week was a bonding and special time.

I am falling behind on this blog lately because life in the summer with 3 kids, a budding photography business, being a mom and a wife, is leaving little time to even think about much, let alone blogging. I am going to give myself a little break for a few weeks because I am constantly feeling like a failure and that's never a good way to think.

Please forgive me for putting "real life" first for a little while and rest assured I will be back.
For those of you who can handle the challenge- keep doing it!! Don't give up!!


xo Emily xo


andrea creates said...

How sweet :)
Oh I totally understand-super hard with kids and all in the summer-I'll keep posting as often as possible.

Martina said...

Hi Emily, can't see the pix for some reason, but do understand you perfectly! It IS so hard being superwoman all the time. And making art mustn't ad to the stress. You'll be back soon - take your time and have a fun summer! xx, M.

The Haley Family said...

Oh my word, she is so cute!!!!! I've been so crazy busy too, its amazing how fast this summer is going!!! Some pics aren't showing up though. Hugs to everyone!

Her Art Nest said...

Oh my, these photos are just adorable! Great job. Hugs, Nan

mary.liz said...

Living your real life SHOULD be your priority! Don't feel like a failure for that! You are amazing in all you do...simmer on that for the rest of the summer!

Love you!

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Mormon Mommy Blogs said...

Oh. My. Word.

That baby is simply delicious! And, I totally LOVE that photo of your nieces lined up looking in the nursery window!


Word Ver: Hushing. How appropriate.

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Wow! Those pics are so gorgeous. I didn't know you were doing the photog biz. That is awesome. And you are so gifted. That baby is darling. Simply darling. And all those cute little girls in a row.

Can I just say that we have the cutest family.

You look gorgeous too. You, Mary and Abby are are so drop dead!

I saw your mom this summer. For a sec.

Did you know T and D are getting divorced? I didn't know until D told me. Why don't we ever hear anything? They've been living apart for a year.

Anonymous said...


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