March 18, 2011

"Feathering a Nest" Baby Shower....Part Two

~The entry~

Y'all know how much I love my "tree" that changes with each season or event, and this was a perfect example of why. I took scrapbook paper and cut into leaf shapes and stuck them on the branches. Added a bunch birds and voila!

way to welcome the guests!

The Q hanging in the tree is for Quinn, the baby girl we were welcoming. I simply mod-podged the fabric her mama is using for the decor in her room onto the pre-cut Q and added some ribbon and a butterfly. Worked great for the shower and now hangs in Quinn's room awaiting her arrival.

These are the nests I made last spring. Tutorial here

I wish I could take credit for this adorable diaper cake. Our friend Kelly made it and did a superb job!

Now onto the food table. This was so BEAUTIFUL! I have always kept jars from cooking, jams etc and we used my big mason jars for the vases of flowers that we scattered around the house. Bird cages- we already owned then put down variations of moss around it all. We threw on some feathers and lit the candles and truly...we all wanted to jump into the table scape. It was magical, whimsical and felt like little fairies lived there.

We used small mason jars as the cups and anywhere we could incorporate the nest and bird theme..we did.

I still have so much more to show you all. I promise it won't take as long this time.

I still have to show you the cake, the favors, the wishing tree...yeah...good stuff still to come!

Happy Weekend everyone!

xoxo Emily xoxo


mary.liz said...


What CAN'T you do? Now just add "party planner" to your CV.

Gorgeous! I bet it was dreamy! You are a wonderful friend.

Tim said...

Coll Stuff.

Kristen said...

Keep it up.

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