March 07, 2011

Feathering a Nest... Part One

Oh gracious! I am excited to share this next few posts with all of you!
I co-hosted a baby shower for my friend who is expecting her first little girl soon. Her sister and I decided upon the theme of "Feathering a Nest" and then ran with it. It turned out to be so cute and I have great photos to share, but let's start off with the invitation.

In my opinion, the invitation sets the whole party up. It introduces the theme and gets your guest excited to attend. I wanted these invitations to be perfect...but had to be cheap.
So here's the first look.

I found a box of 50 invitations to print yourself (makes it so much cheaper) at Micheal's on clearance...yeah baby!!

It was just the teal and white paper included in the box with an ugly little flower motif...and that was not doing it for my artistic sensibilities.
So, I bought some scrapbook paper, feathers, and the little sparkly gems. I had ribbon on hand and I went to work cutting, gluing and tying until I reached this magnificent little beauty of an invitation.

Each invitation was unique and different. When I finished making them, I almost couldn't send them off in the mail they were so adorable.

I think you'll agree they are darling. This is just a taster of the cuteness that is to follow in the next couple posts about this shower.

Spring isn't officially here yet...but it sure feels like it here in the Carolina's and I'm in Heaven.

xoxo Emily xoxo


andrea creates said...

they look so pretty!

Mme. Kara said...

You know how I feel about these already. Adorable! Can't wait to see party pics!

Deedra said...

These are so beautiful, Em!! I love everything you do!!

The Haley Family said...

YEAH! So glad I checked today! LOVE your new adventure, you're amazing!

Kimberlee said...

Oh, so pretty. Can't wait to hear more.