September 19, 2013

Faux Fall Mantle

It's my favorite time of year and I could not wait to start decorating for fall. I have 2 "mantles" this year after creating a faux mantle in my entry way. I have an old piece of my pioneer grandmother's farm table and that became my mantle after hanging two corbels on the wall and simply setting the farm table piece on top. An old window from a South Carolina mansion, hung slightly above created the perfect balance for my faux mantle. Here is the final result after making a few of the items and I'll tell you how to do it in this post. 

I am going to say this is my favorite holiday decoration I have done thus far in my 35 years. I will be going to Salem, Mass in a few weeks to visit a couple of dear friends and witches are always a favorite Halloween subject. So, I ran with a classy witch theme. 

For the bunting I cut 5 inch pieces of this beautiful upholstery strapping. Notched out a triangle at one end and then simply glue gunned it onto a piece of twine. How simple? Very!

I wanted some spider webs but didn't have time to get to the store and I wanted it finished that day. I came up with the crazy idea of making webs with my hot glue gun. It worked! Here's how I did it. 

Hot Glue Spider Webs

You'll need:

An old cookie sheet
Pam or oil to grease the pan
A hot glue gun
5-6 large glue sticks
Black paint 

First, grease your old pan so they peel off when dry. Then create 3-4 lines in a fan pattern. Then go back in and join the lines by letting the glue swag between each line. 

Make a few different sizes. I knew the window I wanted them in so I just went with that approximate sizing. I never measured just eyeballed it. Once they are cool, peel them off and place them on an old box or newspaper where you can spray paint or lightly brush them with paint. 

Once that is all dry use sticky tack to hang where you would like. My gorgeous sister in law suggested putting black glitter on them which would look fabulous too. Sadly, I didn't have any on hand.

Here was what I had after gathering things and styling it. It needed something else. So, as you do, I whipped up a witch silhouette. Here's what I did. 

Witch Silhouette 

You'll need:

1 pre-cut log slice
Fabric or ribbon of your choice
A pencil 
Hot glue gun
Template of witch or free hand it
Black paint 

Here is a template of a witch but I free hand drew mine. I wanted more of a pronounced nose and scary look but this template is adorable. 

You basically transfer or draw on your witch outline then fill in with black paint. Couldn't be simpler. To hang it I cut a long piece of black ticking fabric, frayed the edges and tied a bow in the middle. I then secured the bow knot with hot glue so it would hang securely. Then I hot glued the ribbon to the back of the wood slice. Voila! An adorable witch silhouette for years and years of decorating to come. I will be making a few of these to sell if you don't want to make them yourselves. Just email me leylands @ gmail .com if you would like one. 

She turned out beautifully! And she completed my witch faux mantle just perfectly. It was the finishing touch, the crown jewel. 

I hope this inspires you to create something today. Get adventurous and try something new. The last little detail I made some years ago is my "Spell Book"

I took an old book that was in dreadful condition and had the spine coming away from the cover. I helped it come away completely and wrote on it with a sharpie. Cool huh?

I'm in love with my Faux Fall Mantle and I hope you are too. 

xo Emily xo


DJ Carrera said...

Great job Emily! Last year I ended up doing something similar with the webs, but with black puff paint on wax paper. by the end of the season it was barely holding on. I may try it your way this time!

Emily Anne Leyland said...

Thanks Darla. Yeah, they are super strong. They'll last forever.

Cherie said...

I ADORE this!!! Every bit of it! New follower!! :-D

Kit1934 said...

I love this Emily! But especially the witch silhouette. How cool.