April 01, 2014

Welcome to my home! Entry way decor DIY.

I'm so exited to show you around my house...again. I've recently moved back home to the beautiful South and into my old home. Everything in the house is being overhauled, room by room. My tastes change quickly. Almost every room is being re-painted by yours truly, along with new decorations, but as always, on a budget. 

First of all, my entry table in the foyer is actually an antique dresser. I added caster wheels for a bit more class and height. 



This last Christmas my entry table looked like this. 

I just love it. Simple and elegant. 

My favorite vineigette in my home right now, is this area. 

I had a cheap, ugly wooden shelf I got at a garage sale for $2. One can of high gloss white spray paint fixed that right up and on the wall it went. I knew I wanted hooks to hang things and create a faux mudroom. 

I quickly made the #5 artwork with an old book page, a cut out of the number 5 and some black paint. I glued it together and threw it on the wall. A few more family relics, some cute pillows and voila! My entry room is jussssst right. 

More projects to come! I've been busy and I can't wait to share!

              xo Emily xo

A little peek back to the Christmas decor in the entryway. 


Alyson (New England Living) said...

I love your entry! Your skill is that you make everything beautiful! xx

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tweede woning costa del sol said...

Oh my gosh. The paint! I would've had to go to the loony bin while the nice ladies at church cleaned it all up for me. And my kids would've ended up with permanent hearing damage. You are a saint.

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