October 09, 2016

Adventure and travel decor, galore!

I love to decorate for my family in a way that comforts and inspires. The rule of thumb in my home decorating has always been that it has to invoke a memory, or represent something very personal to this family in order to sit on a wall or shelf in our home. One thing that is my absolute favorite thing to do, above anything else, is to travel. Throughout my life I have collected little trinkets and souvenirs from my travels around the world. Most are prominently displayed to remind us of certain trips or memories. I wanted to create a whole room dedicated to my favorite pastime, travel, and I kind of love how it turned out.

These thrifted cases still have old travel tags on them from someone else's journeys long ago.
My vintage globes and books add a little interest to the room.

I pulled decor from around my house that was better suited in this room, like this old trunk I've had for years.

With a few pillows I collected in different patterns and textures, I was able to pull out the colors from my favorite part of this room, the National Park Poster collage above the couch. The curtains came from HomeGoods and added a touch of whimsy without being too busy. The leopard print was a must and somehow these random patterns just all work.


This room is one of the happiest and most colorful rooms I've ever decorated. Every person who comes into the house has to stop and take it in for a minute with their jaw wide open. I love that! I love that my quirky design makes an impact and statement. It is where the family tends to gather now because it's a warm and memory inducing room. As a mom, that makes my heart full and gives me plenty of inspiration to plan our next adventures together.

xo Emily xo


Alyson | New England Living said...

Oh my!! It all looks so fabulous! Can't wait to see it in person!

jule_in_hamburg said...

Really beautiful! Such a great room!

Contando estrellas said...

Very beautiful!

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