October 14, 2008

Autumn Inspiration

Don't you just love this painting? Don't answer that if you don't!! Don't break my achey breaky artsy fartsy little heart because I do. I really do.

I love the warm colors and the textures. I promise, up close it is so much better. I nearly sold this one at the show but the husband and wife couldn't agree & walked off arguing about it. Ha- I caused a marital dispute with my art..hehehe. You gotta love that. Or maybe you don't. That means one of them didn't like it as much. Or maybe they hated it. Hmmmnnn. Well, I love it and saying good bye, might be hard.

I know, I know- I gotta get my Etsy shop up and running, then this beautiful poppy will be over there.

Autumn is the perfect time (at least here in S.C.) for walks and eating outside, for roaring fires in the evening. All the annoying, larger than life bugs are gone and so is the thick humid air.

This is how my youngest enjoys our walks. Now that is how to really enjoy a walk, being pushed around like a queen. She is a queen at our house I must say. My little red headed wonder RULES this roost!

We ate dinner outside last night and played by the fire, enjoying the crisp autumn air. We have an owl in the woods behind our house, listening to him hooting as the moon rose over the wood line was incredible. I wish I could have brought you all here to join us.

Anyway- enjoy these wonderful autumn days with all the beautiful colors and smells.

xoxo Emily

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The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oh I love autumn! And I love your Poppy. And I love that photo of your daugher's feet. ha ha

Great post! And your blog is looking so good.

Alyson | New England Living said...

That is a beautiful painting. And autumn is seriously amazing and seriously too short!

Rachel Lee George said...

This painting is great! The lines are simple yet beautiful and balanced.I love your quaint and quirky style. My florals are so much more chaotic than yours. i should have some things up on my blog asap! Thanks for the ideas!